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Winners of 19th STVF Magnolia Award


TV Film/Miniseries

Best TV Film/Miniseries: Adlon A Family Saga (Germany)

Best Director: Felip Solé (We Shall Return, Spain)

Best Screenplay: Edward Volodarsky (Life and Fate, Russia)


TV Series

TV Series Golden Award: The Orphan of Zhao

TV Series Silver Award: We Love You, Jin Liang

Best Director: KONG Sheng, LI Xue (Family On the Go)

Best Screenplay: CHEN Wengui (The Orphan of Zhao)

Best Actor: ZHANG Jiayi (Life's Ups and Downs)

Best Actress: SONG Dandan (We Love You, Jin Liang)



Best Documentary (60minutes and up): Vera 68 (Czech Republic)

Best Documentary (below 60minutes): Good Garbage (Israel)

Best Chinese Documentary: Bazaar Jumpers

Jury's Special Mention: China's Mega Projects - Shanghai Tower (China)

Best Director: Rodeon Brodsky (Home Movie, Israel)

Best Photography: Jan Michael Haft (The Green Universe, Germany)



Best Animation: Larva Season 2 (Korea)

Best Chinese Animation: Kuiba

Jury’s Grand Prix: Junkyard (Netherland)


Foreign TV Series

Foreign TV Series Golden Award: Homeland (USA)

Foreign TV Series Silver Award: That Winter the Wind Blows (Korea)